Basel is the third most populous city in Switzerland. With the proximity Basel has with France and Germany, the city receive visitors from theses technologically advanced nations. Basel plays host to a yearly event that displays watches and high-end jewelry. So at the Basel 2017 show, famous brands such as Rolex, Hermes, Breitling, Seiko, PatekPhilipe, Hublot and many others, showed up with great concepts.

A spectacular display in the Basel 2017 event was the Hublot mp-05 laferrari sapphire.

The watch which is more than $500,000 didn’t fail to get the attention of many who wanted to know more about this transparent sapphire crystal watch. The watch has an all-sapphire crystal case and enables its user to have a good view of the mechanical movement going on in the watch.


Hublot, as a famous watch manufacturer, prides in venturing into concepts that seem to portray its audacious spirit. The company seeks after combining tradition and innovation, and so popularly refers to this idea as the Hublot Fusion. So Hublot continually aims after unveiling unique products that show their innovative spirit as seen with the Hublot mp-05 laferrari sapphire.

The Hublot mp-05 laferrari sapphire is a result of the partnership between Ferrari and Hublot. So when a high-end automobile company partners a watch manufacturing company, then the result to be expected is a high-end watch that is meant to rival the designs and complexity of other established watchmaking companies.

Hublot mp-05 laferrari sapphire is known to possess some complicated movement within the watch that is transparent, and so leaves any viewer with a feeling of admiration about the working process of the watch.

The watch is said to be manufactured from about 637 parts with 108 jewels, emphasizing the level of dedication put into releasing a product that would be durable and also have an aesthetic appearance.


The mechanical movement inside the watch is known to operate at a speed of 3Hz, and the time indication is shown in seconds despite its level of complexity. The electric drill that comes with the watch indicates that the watch cannot be manually adjusted. The crown that is known with a traditional watch is not present with the Hublot mp-05 laferrari sapphire.

Hublot mp-05 laferrari sapphire also boasts of a reserve power availability that could last as much as 50 days, making it possible for any user to enjoy the use of the watch still a month after its major power supply is cut off.


Seven different parts of a sapphire crystal were fixed together to form the Hublot mp-05 laferrari sapphire. The process involved in the machining of the sapphire case required the use of more than 25 days for the complete work to be ensured. The weight of the Hublot mp-05 laferrari sapphire case is about 53.5 grams.

The transparent nature of the watch case is also extended to the strap, making it go along with the transparent nature of the watch.

Hublot mp-05 laferrari sapphire with a reference number of 905.JX.0001.RT is considered to be produced in just a limited quantity of 20. But the design and complexity associated with the watch mean that it would be difficult neglecting its superiority over many other watches.

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