Snowflakes collection from Maison Birks are a breathtaking collection of diamond studded earrings, white gold necklaces, and precious metal rings crafted with the highest mastery of the art and spectacular finesse.

Birks is a Canadian Maison with a rich history of creating timeless gems. Their beautiful designs have won the admiration of many generations of women, and the fashion divas of this era are not left out.

Perhaps, the biggest exposure the Snowflake collection from Birks received recently is an endorsement from no other person than Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry, heir to the throne of England. She adorned herself with Snowflake Large Round Jacket Earrings during her first visit to Sandringham in the company of her husband and other members of the British Royalty for the Christmas service.


Markle had already worn the same earrings to the BP lunch the week before Christmas.

Birks Snowflake collection has many stunning pieces that will sweep you off your feet. From rings with diamonds clusters to a variety of necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in 18-karat gold, the collection is a paradise for the style-loving society women. Some of the stunning examples include the Birks Snowflake Large Round Jacket Earrings with 18k white gold and diamonds and the Small Round Jacket Earrings made from 18-karat gold and diamond. You also have the Birks Snowflake Cluster 0.60 diamond ring of different sizes. The Snowflake Cluster diamond ring is a dazzling beauty combining style with elegance. While the design is simple, it nevertheless creates a passionate and sophisticated appeal.


The collection also includes the Birks Mini Snowflake Large Diamond Cluster Pendant made from white gold with a white gold pendant carrying a cluster of diamonds. You also have the Birks Snowflake Diamond Cluster Drop Necklace with a jaw-dropping ingeniously crafted pendant and the Birks Snowflake Curved Diamond Necklace. The Snowflake collection also includes the Birks Snowflake Diamond Chandelier Earrings.

The collection also has an impressive lineup of bracelets such as the Birks Snowflakes Curved Diamond Bracelet which comes with a mesmerizing combination of white gold and diamonds that creates a luxurious and royal effect while the Birks Snowflake Mixed Round Cluster Bracelet looks traditional with a touch of splendor.

The Snowflake collection from Birks is reminiscent of the wanton beauty of Canadian Winters. The collection has a distinctive signature of pure diamonds and white gold just like the sparkle of fresh snow in winter. It combines mastery in design with simplistic elegance. Most designs are not elaborate, but they carry a persona of royalty and sophistication. They are beautiful, elegant, and make you feel like royalty.

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