Over the past decade, there has been increasing popularity of the military watches trend. From camouflage patchworks to olive hues; there are an array of designs and features available in the market.

Breitling is probably one of the most popular watch manufacturers, who are known for producing large dial watches for the longest time.

The black volcano dial:

The cool Breitling Avenger Hurricane, which was launched for Baselword in the year 2016, boasts the masculine appearances and technical features, along with a spectacular 50 mm case.


The Avenger Hurricane features a black volcano dial, which features 24 hours standard time display, which speaks volumes of its military inspiration.

The stencil fonts, used in the dial further accentuate its masculinity, while the yellow-white detailing adds the style element for the future generations.

There are also three sub-dials in the watch, along with a chronographic date indicator and the larger dial makes it possible to allow ample spaces, between the components of the watch in a clutter-free way.

The movements:


The watch is made up of Caliber B12 which boasts automatic movement and a power reserve of 70 hours. The official chronometer certified movement further ensures complete accuracy of the watch.

The futuristic Breitlight case:

The best part of Breitling Avenger Hurricane is the impressive case, which is made up of a futuristic material known as Breitlight.

The 50 mm case is extremely lightweight and it takes off the overall weight of the watch, making it super comfortable for the wearer.


The scratch resistant material Breitlight, which bears anti-magnetic, non-allergenic and thermal stability properties, is manufactured by Breitling and it is about 3.3 times lighter than a similar case, made up of Titanium. The rugged military watch is brilliantly crafted with sapphire crystal which is glare-proofed on the sides is thus meant to deal with extreme weather conditions.

Breitling Avenger Hurricane notably features a unidirectional bezel, which is also made of the Breitlight material.

The strap:

The strap too, is made up of yellow military textile rubber, which is also highly resistant and comfortable.


In a nutshell, the Breitling Avenger Hurricane not only looks like a military watch, but it is a robust well-built device, which is meant to withstand rough handling and adverse weather conditions.

Thus, at $11,870 (including taxes), it is indeed a good buy; a stylish military watch, which is equally credible in terms of form and function.

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