The weekend is coming, want to see people while staying in your cocoon or idea to have a great birthday? So why not use your home casino games? Nothing like spending hours of laughter and reconnecting with your oldest comrades.

Contact everyone to make an appointment… at your place.

Set up your roulette table in one corner of your living room and a craps table at the other end. In another room that you will have refurbished for the occasion, set up your Blackjack tables in your room for example and poker tables in another.

Turn your kitchen into an all-you-can-eat bar that you can always redecorate, without excessive costs, Casino Enghien style or otherwise, according to your tastes.

The advantage of these games?? Create an incomparable atmosphere.

Why roulette and craps in the living room? Because you will see for yourself that the game of craps always attracts more people around the table and that roulette inspires shouting. It is not clear where this fascination for the games of dice and balls turning in a cylinder comes from, but what is certain, even within a real casino, is that these pure games of chance leave the people always doubtful in front of the betting strategies and the prognoses issued aloud by both the players themselves and those of the assistants.

Nothing better to set the mood, and the living room is the ideal room since it is the reception room for the whole community, generally located near the entrance.

If your room allows it, install poker and/or blackjack games there. Indeed, these games, just as attractive as roulette and craps, however require more concentration and a more confined place would be welcome. Moreover, this would give the feeling to the guests of being able to wander from one table to another in complete freedom, as in a real casino room.

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