Country Clothing is something quite unique to England.

Classics like the Classic Aran Style pullover, made to the highest possible standard with the finest Aran wools will never date.

Take a look at any designers latest range of comfortable, yet elegant country fashions and you will be able to choose from a wide variety of country clothing styles inspired by our leisure-loving country folk, a fantastic range of fashionable country clothes that are right at home in the heathers of the Scottish highlands, yet equally well suited for the urban landscape. You don’t have to be lord of the manor in order to look the part.

British country fashions have evolved to meet the needs of a demanding public. For hundreds of years there have been countless developments and styles in what are now considered to be country fashions. One of the things driving this evolution of country clothing is the need of designers to produce new and exciting clothes and to push the boundaries each year, to bring the public the best products possible, made with the best materials available.

This year many designers have broadened their range to incorporate plenty of new colours and casual styles.

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