Instead of worrying about your body and wishing you had another one, work with what you have to accentuate the positive and downplay the negative with the following swimwear fit tips.
You can never go wrong with a halter top.  Halters are flattering on everyone from AA cups to DD cups and they provide great support or a little lift if you need it.  For extra support for larger cup sizes try a halter with a wide band across the bottom.  Triangle tops are best meant for cup sizes B and lower.  If you do have a larger cup size and want to wear a triangle top, try to find one with an underwire.  With a larger cup size, wearing a triangle top without an underwire may cause your breasts to fall out of the bottom of the swim suit.  An underwire, bra-style top would best suit those with narrow shoulders and larger cup sizes.  If you want a tankini, it is best to go with a v-neck line and a longer top. 
Tie side bottoms, whether string or chunky, are the best way to go because you can adjust the ties so they do not cut into your sides.  Brazilian-cut bottoms may make your behind look like it takes up a smaller amount of space, but beware – they ride up very easily.  As far as boy shorts go, if you are buying them to cover up something, they will actually accentuate what you are trying to cover.  A better alternative to the boy short is the skirted bottom.  They have built in bikini bottoms and the skirt covers up the upper thighs that you may be trying to hide with the shorts. 


 One Pieces
When choosing a one piece it is always a great idea to go with a solid color.  If you do decide that you want a printed one piece, patterns that are centered on the middle of your body are the most flattering.  The best one piece you can buy is a wrap one piece.  Just like a wrap dress or shirt, it creates a wonderful waistline for anyone.</br>Another thing to note is that when choosing a cover-up, you can never go wrong with a simple sarong. Draped around your waist or hips, the fabric fashionably covers your trouble spots to conceal and keep you looking cute at the same time.

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