Men’s chaps 
Chaps are the protecting accessories for legs. They are mostly made of sturdy leather. These men’s chaps protect the legs while driving motorcycle. The two-wheeler drivers, in case of motorcycle racing, commonly wear these chaps. These are main parts of the attires of drivers and are available in pairs. Chaps are tied on trousers with help of integrated belts but at the same they are not joined to the trousers and are separate accessory. 
There are mainly two types of men’s chaps available now days and they are batwing and the shotgun. The batwing chaps are flat at the bottom and have only two fasteners to protect thighs of the driver. This batwing chaps provide easy movements of lower legs while riding the motorcycles; especially in motorcycle races. In some cases, batwing chaps are useful for the mountaineers. Other advantage of batwing men’s chaps is that it provides easy circulation of air and provides more comfort during riding and climbing.

The shotgun chaps wrap complete portion of legs, are narrow and snug in shape. Each shotgun men’s chap is made from single piece of leather. These shotguns chaps are available in two varieties; one of them is to pull onto the trousers and the other has zippers for fitting on the legs. These types of chaps are used while riding horse and protect the rider from heat, which is necessary during windy and cold conditions.
The cowboys, to protect their legs from cattle and horses, also use the men’s chaps.The main advantages of chaps include protection from thorns and preserve the rider’s trousers from dust.
Ladies chaps
Ladies chaps are readily available in market and just like men’s chaps these ladies chaps are used while riding motorcycles and horses. These ladies chaps are made from fine quality leather and play an important role in protecting their soft legs. Ladies chaps are available in various designs and shapes. Some of the ladies chaps that are available in market are as follows.
•    Ultra suede fringed ladies chaps: These chaps are available in various colors and used by ladies while riding horses. These chaps protect the rider from wind and snowy weather.
•    Ladies tone half chaps: These ladies chaps are very comfortable while riding motorcycle and horse. A Ladies tone half chap is washable and has stretchable elastic to fit perfectly for various sizes of legs.
•    Elite colored half chaps: These chaps are available in various attractive colors and mostly preferred by ladies who are not professional horse riders and motorcyclists. These chaps can be washed in washing machines.
•    Icon ladies kitty chaps: These chaps are provided with full-length metal zips for easy removal and are manufactured from fine quality leathers that last for longer duration. These chaps are normally pink in color to match the skin color of the ladies.
•    Ladies leather motorcycle chaps: It is manufactured from genuine leather and available in full length along with facility of zip closing. These chaps are worn on lower legs to provide comfortable and easy movement of the lower legs during motorcycle driving.

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