The Frankfurt Motor show is a biennial automobile event like no other in the world. The 2017 edition of the show featured some of the best concepts from the world’s leading auto manufacturers. A breathtaking sight at this year’s Frankfurt motor show was Mercedes AMG’s Project ONE, a hypercar set to bring the revolutionary Formula One technology to the highways.

The Mercedes AMG’s Project ONE was officially unveiled by the German automaker at this year’s event, and was it a sight to behold! Propelled by a powertrain similar to the one used in the F1, Mercedes says the car is a concept of what observers and car enthusiasts should expect when the car starts rolling off the production lines in 2019. The hypercar comes at a staggering £2.4million.

The Project ONE is a plug-in hybrid and features a turbocharged V6 hybrid engine and four electric motors which produce a power of over 986bhp and revs to 11,000rpm. One of the electric motors is connected to the crankcase to increase the engine’s power with extra 161bhp to reduce energy from the turbo system, while another electric motor helps to reduce turbo lag. Mercedes claims the hypercar will have a maximum speed of 217mph and will be able to reach 124mph in less than six minutes!


The Project One is equipped with a brand new eight-speed automatic transmission which powers the rear wheels and two electric motors driving the front wheels. The transmission can be controlled through shift paddles on the steering wheel. This arrangement makes the Project ONE hypercar a four-wheel-drive hybrid.

Mercedes claims that the lithium-ion battery packs in the Project ONE have enough energy to take you up to 15.5 miles and charges on 800 volts, the most powerful charging rate for any production EV.

According to Mercedes, the Project ONE features the same driving modes used in the F1 car during qualifying laps. The hypercar can switch from purely electric to hybrid, and turbocharged modes automatically.


The design of the Project One is a departure from the conventional Mercedes racing car construction. It features a pair of LED headlights in the bonnet, and cavernous vents under the windscreen and on the front apron. The car also sports a conspicuous air intake on the roof with aerodynamic flaps along its curvy sides.

The Project One has a carbon-fiber monocoque body, and a retractable rear spoiler provides downforce with the engine compartment featuring a shark fin similar to the Formula 1.

The traction control system is a 3-way adjustable-at-start-up system which can be computer controlled or driver controlled.

The dashboard is simple and supports two 10-inch displays with a third screen linked to the rearward camera for easy maneuverability. The car features two deep bucket seat and an F1 inspired steering wheel.

It’s still a distance two years away before the Project One starts rolling out of the factory, but the excellent performance expected from the car will continue to dominate the minds of car lovers all over the world. Mercedes says the car is a sign of what to expect in their future designs. All we can do is wait.

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