I took some clothes out of the dryer the other day and noticed that one of my shirts was torn and my favorite t-shirt had a hole in it. Since the shirts were fine when they went in the dryer and ruined when they came out, I figured it must have something to do with the dryer. I called a service technician to find out why my dryer was damaging my clothes.
What I found out was surprising, and if I knew then what I know now, I could have diagnosed and repaired the problem myself. So here’s the inside scoop if you have the same problem and would like to save your clothes and a few dollars. If your dryer is tearing your clothes, you need to check three parts; the drum glides, the drum seals, and the drum support rollers. To check these parts, open the dryer’s cabinet by removing the front or rear panel. Remember to disconnect the power to your dryer before beginning any repairs.

  The glides support the drum and are located at the top or bottom of the bulkhead (the bulkhead is located at the front of the drum). When the glides wear, the drum tilts to the front of the dryer creating a pinch point between the top of the drum and the dryer wall. Your clothes can be torn if they get caught in this pinch point.Glides are not difficult to replace. They are held in place by screws, rivets, or grooves. It’s best to replace all of the glides – they can be worn out even though they look fine.Having checked the glides, now check the drum seals. They are located around the circumference of the drum and keep clothes from getting trapped between the drum and the dryer wall. Your clothes can be torn if they get caught between the spinning drum and the dryer wall.
Not all dryers have two drum seals. Some dryers have one seal.

Examine the seal for signs of wear or damage. You don’t need to remove the drum to check the entire seal, but you do need to remove the drum belt to relieve the tension on the drum. After removing the belt, turn the drum and examine the seal. If the seal is worn it’s not difficult to remove, but it takes some effort. The seal is secured to the drum with an adhesive. Before you replace the seal, make sure you have the adhesive you need – not all seals come with adhesive.
To replace the seal, remove the drum from the dryer’s cabinet. With the drum removed, peel back the seal and scrape off the old adhesive. Scrape off as much adhesive as you can because the new seal bonds better to a clean surface.Place the new seal, stitch side down, in the same position as the one you scraped off. Apply a small amount of adhesive under the entire edge of the seal. Allow the adhesive to dry for a few hours before reinstalling the drum.
 While waiting for the adhesive to dry, check the rollers located at the back of the dryer, underneath the drum. If the rollers are worn, you dryer’s drum will tilt, creating a pinch point between the drum and the dryer wall. Your clothes can be torn if they get caught in this pinch point.

The left roller tends to wear more than the right one but you need to replace both to keep the drum from tilting. It’s easy to replace a roller because you only have to remove a screw or clip. Your new rollers may come with lubricating oil.  Apply one drop of oil to the hub (center of the roller). Too much oil will only attract dust and lint and limit the life of your rollers.
Now that you have the inside scoop, you can prevent your dryer from ruining your clothes. Save your clothes and your money with these simple repairs.

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