I am packing my bags for a trip to Costa Rica and realize that all of my bikinis… well, they just don’t look good on me. So I do what any thirty something would do, I go to online to begin my search for the perfect bikini. There is no doubt that there are a lot of companies out there so I began plucking through the list. In my search I came across an interesting company that was founded by a Brazilian woman who was going to college in the States and was frustrated by the bikini she was seeing. So she did what any frustrated woman would do- she started her own bikini company and is now in charge of one of the fastest growing micro and Brazilian bikini companies on the internet. I recently sat down with Ana, the founder of Look Swimwear, in a coffee shop in Miami Beach to find out more about her, Look Swimwear and the search for the perfect bikini…

Thank you Ana for agreeing to take some time out of your busy schedule- can I ask you to tell us more about why you started Look Swimwear in the first place?

Ana: “[laughs] Yeah, I was I guess not unlike most woman in that I was always frustrated when it came time to go on a trip or head to the beach- I would get into this “bikini panic” because it was impossible to find a bikini that not everyone had, was cute, sexy- really the perfect bikini. I was not used to this feeling at all, I grew up in Brazil and down there the beach and bikinis are really part of the culture. Brazilians love to show off and spend time with their friends and family on the beach. So long story short, I was always around the environment and definitely interested in swimwear fashion and bikinis so this frustration got the best of me- I started Look Swimwear.”

I have heard you often reference the “perfect bikini”- can you tell me more about what you mean by that?

Ana:” Well the perfect bikini is really one that has everything that all of us women look for. It has to be well made with high quality Lycras, fashionable, unique enough so that every lady on the beach is not wearing it and most importantly has to reflect who you are. Bikinis and fashion go hand in hand and are really an extension of our personalities so the perfect bikini pulls in all of these components into a small package… [laughter]”

Small for sure… For our readers who aren’t familiar with your bikini lines how do you describe them?

Ana:” I think the best way to describe them is that all of our bikinis are small, sexy, stylish and fun. We market ourselves as a purveyor of micro and Brazilian bikinis and that is in my mind exactly what we are. Anyone can sell bikinis but Look Swimwear is a purveyor because we take so much pride in our design, workmanship, materials we use and service- and we do not take this commitment lightly either. I am always talking to our customers to make sure that we are exceeding their expectations from beginning to end. I think that is one of the things that make us so successful. Consumers these days are very demanding and high expectations. But, they also are loyal to the companies that they trust and serve them well so I guess our huge growth is a vote from our customer base really.”

Look Swimwear is now one of the fastest growing micro bikini companies, what plans do you have for the coming season?

Ana:” Lycras, prints and cuts are always changing is all I will say. I cannot tell you what we are going to do but I will say that you will love our new ideas and that we will not loose focus on who we are- a damn good sexy bikini company. My direct staff and our employees are some of the most talented and creative people I have ever known- they are really the backbone to what Look is all about. So when you work with talented and creative people then only good things will come of it so that means more sexy bikinis for all of you ladies to wear and for the guys to enjoy.”

How do men come into Look Swimwear equation?

Ana:” Well they are really the reason why we all want to wear sexy little bikinis and show off. There is nothing better for a woman’s confidence than her knowing that “she still has it”. Don’t get me wrong, a confident woman does not need someone else’s approval to have a strong sense of self but showing off , having fun and getting attention is such a rush and is good for all ages… [laughs]”

What would you say to some of the women out there who maybe have never worn a micro or Brazilian bikini before?

Ana:” They should try it out for sure and get away from those boring suits that cover up everything. I go to beaches all over the world and am still amazed at how some people can say that what they are wearing is a bikini. I can tell you that wearing a smaller bikini is a lot of fun but definitely not made for the family reunion. We have so many women and couples buy from us when they head out for couples vacation or even for the boat, pool or where ever. It’s a huge confidence booster to catch the guys looking out the corner of their eyes at you and plus they are really comfortable. Its funny, ten years ago thong underwear was just catching on with the masses and now look around, everyone is wearing them. I am not saying that micro and Brazilian bikinis are going to take over the traditional and conservative bikini but the market is growing like crazy and women all over the world are catching on. I guess it really comes down to if the woman has a little devilish side of her that likes to show off or break the rules. If she does then I would say go for it and try it out- we have not heard any complaints yet.”

Well thank you Ana for sitting down with me and telling us a little more about your company. So many of my friends have asked me to do a piece on your company and I am really happy that I could meet you.

Ana:” My pleasure Jessica I enjoyed it”.

Look Swimwear Ltd is a purveyor of high quality Micro and Brazilian bikinis. They have offices in Miami Beach, New York City and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For more information on Look Swimwear you can call their Miami Beach offices at 1.305.735.3792 or request more information at info@lookswimwear. The Look Swimwear online Micro Bikini Shop can be found at www.lookswimwear.com .

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