With today’s fashion trends, pregnant women are actually lucky with the many choices they have. For evening parties, pregnant women can easily choose the perfect maternity evening dress to wear to these occasions.

No matter how large her belly is, a pregnant woman can still manage to look sexy in the right maternity evening dress. It is simply up to her to pick the right one. However, in order to make the right choice of maternity evening dress, it is essential for her to have a good look at herself and be familiar with the shape of her body. Pregnant or not, the basic silhouette of the body does not change. What a pregnant woman needs to do is to factor in her bump into the equation.

Getting Familiar with the Body Shape

Just as when shopping for regular clothing, a pregnant woman should consider her own body shape when buying a maternity evening dress. Some dresses flatter a particular pregnant body shape, while others do not. Picking a maternity evening dress that fits well is the key to a woman looking gorgeous in that dress.

There are four basic body shapes: top-heavy, bottom-heavy, hourglass and straight.

  • Top-heavy women have broad shoulders and chests that are wider than their hips.
  • Bottom-heavy women have hips that are wider than their chests; they also typically have narrow shoulders.
  • Women with hourglass figures are curvy. The chest and the hips are in proportion with one another.
  • Women with straight figures do not show defined curves.

An expectant mother should also give some thought on her being either tall or petite in choosing the right maternity evening dress. A tall woman would probably look good on anything she wears, depending on her body shape, while a petite woman should try to avoid anything that will make her smaller and more girlish.

The point of dressing according to body shape is to create the illusion of balance on the body. This point applies not just with wearing a maternity evening dress, but to any kind of clothing.

Decisions to Make Before Buying a Maternity Evening Dress

A pregnant woman has a few options to decide on before she picks up a maternity evening dress. First of these decisions is to whether to hide her belly or not. Some pregnant women would want to flaunt their gorgeous roundedness while some prefer not to draw too much attention to it. This decision plays a major role in picking what maternity evening dress to get.

If the expectant mom wants to emphasize her pregnant belly, she can wear a maternity evening dress that is a little clingy but not too constricting. If she wants to hide it, she can wear an empire dress that flows from under her bust line and skims down her body.

Another option is a draping wrap dress – pregnant women who want to flaunt their pregnancy can tie the wrap dress a little more tightly, while those who do not want to call attention to their belly can tie the wrap dress loosely.

The one thing that most women love about being pregnant is that their breasts become bigger and more rounded. Many women take advantage of this by wearing maternity evening dresses that have low necklines, with their breasts pushed up to create a deep cleavage.

Black maternity evening dresses are common choices among pregnant women these days. Black is an elegant and timeless color. It is also very flattering to the pregnant woman because it makes her appear slimmer and sexier.

Accessorizing the Maternity Evening Dress

It is always best to keep things simple and thus put accessorizing to a minimum, whether a woman is pregnant or not. For a pregnant woman, she can accessorize her maternity evening dress with jewelry that can make her look slimmer, less bloated and more elegant.

Dangling earrings are always effective in creating a slimmer silhouette and a thinner face. It looks especially well when matched with an upswept hairdo. If a woman wants to keep other people’s eyes on her face rather than her rounded belly, she can wear something shiny around her neck, like a lustrous string of pearls, or a sparkling pendant on a chain. If the maternity evening dress she is wearing sports a deep V-shaped neckline, she can pin a brooch at the point of the V to draw the eyes up rather than to her belly.

As for shoes, pregnant women should stick to wearing flats, even in a maternity evening dress. It can be very uncomfortable for expectant mothers to wear heeled shoes, not to mention a little dangerous. The flats do not have to be drab, of course. There are flats that are strappy and sexy or embellished with beads. Flats like these can be perfect evening wear.

Buying Maternity Evening Dresses Online

The Internet presents a great convenience to pregnant women because it allows them to shop for their maternity evening dresses through online stores. This means they do not have to strain their fragile bodies and tire themselves out with shopping at boutiques and department stores. All they need to do is use their computers and log into the Internet.

Buying clothes on the Internet can be tricky, though, because one cannot try the item first before making a purchase. Thus, when buying a maternity evening dress online, one should check first if the store has a good return policy in case the dress does not fit.

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