ROLEX is known to be a pacesetter in the watch manufacturing industry, and the company is also concerned about handling every step of its manufacturing process, beginning with the production of its watch case down towards the actual finishing done on all its produced watch.

Have you ever wondered why ROLEX is considered by many as the best? Well, in this article, we will take a closer look at what has really made ROLEX a pacesetter in the watch manufacturing industry. Read on to find out…

Choice of Materials

The entire ROLEX is known to go after elements that work perfectly according to the required specification and taste. This attribute can be observed with its choice of steel. Watchmakers worldwide understand that steel is a critical component of a watch, and so they have a huge demand for steel suppliers, and this demand has led to the need to settle for steel type that seems to meet up with company budget.

Notwithstanding, ROLEX goes after the most expensive type of steel, which is the 904L steel. The 904L steel is known to provide a higher level of resistance to corrosion, and also provides a more appealing finishing.


No Compromise for Required Real Human Operation

The advancement in the use of technological equipment is evident at ROLEX manufacturing stations, and the many reviewers of watch manufacturers are of the opinion that ROLEX enjoys a great deal of the use of Robots. But ROLEX also greatly values the need for precision and so ensures that areas that require the use of human operation are not left for an equipment mass production process.


Preference for Quality over Quantity

The time involved to set watch hour markers by hand is not a problem for ROLEX, and this is as a result of the company’s desire to get everything right, and not just releasing watches to increase quantity without due consideration to quality.


Enhanced Laboratory

ROLEX ensures that all the materials that are used are safety compliant, in addition to the need to figure out better manufacturing processes. The different oils that are used as lubricants in its manufacturing process are well checked, ensuring that any adverse effect from the use of such item is properly handled.

Enhanced Check on Dive Watches

Few companies take the need to be précised on what they promise to deliver to their customers. When ROLEX unveils products like the dive watches, the company seems to take extreme measures to ensure that the watches meet the required expectation. ROLEX is also known to have co-developed a pressurized water tank with the company called COMEX. The development aimed to ensure that accurate test result is gotten from the test carried out on its dive watches.

In-House Gold Making Foundry

ROLEX is known to have an in-house foundry house; this means that the company can produce the gold it uses for its watches, which is rare among watch manufacturers. Rolex produces its precious gold material and therefore ensures that the best output is realized.


More so, ROLEX prides in its ability to develop products that are synonymous with having a successful status or appearance of affluence, so taking extreme measures to meet up with such an expectation, is enough motivation for the company.

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