Dress up the tree. Dress up the house. Dress up yourself. If you ever were afraid of passionate true red lips the holidays are the time to “jump in and test the water”. Red lips are perfect for holidays. There is something definitely passionate about red lips.

You will not be out of place this time of year when you adorn your lips with true red color. You may be amazed at the results. Just keep a few things in mind.

Use a lip liner first and if you would like the look to last the longest — don’t just outline, fill entire lip area with liner pencil before adding your favorite lipstick. Top off with a gloss for extra special look. Your shine will be brighter than the Christmas tree.

If you are highlighting your look with red lips then downplay the rest of your face. Your eye makeup should not compete. Still you can achieve a nice look with neutral colors which have a bit of shimmer.

You can quickly put the look together by first cleansing your face with a cleanser/toner in one product. Applying a moisturizer (with sunscreen for daytime). Apply foundation (matched to your skin tone) using a cosmetic sponge for even tone. Touch up uneven skin tones with a cover stick. Outline or fill lips with true red lip liner, then fill with lipstick. Cover entire eye area from lid to eyebrow from corner to corner with a light neutral color. Add a darker neutral color to lid area. Use separate darker color on outer edge of eye in a sideways > shape . One part of V will line the eye above lashes (halfway across) and other side of V should be in crease of lid. Smudge this V with q-tip. Use a matching darker or black eyeliner. Use mascara of choice. Use makeup brush to apply powder (matching skin tone) to finish and hold look. Brush with light, downward strokes. Brush your eyebrows upward and outward. Add a brow color lightly to define. You can add another layer of mascara now if desired. And gloss on lips if desired.

Don’t forget to add the holiday red look on your nails as well.

Keep your wardrobe simple when using red lipstick. Remember you are highlighting your face not elaborate prints nor fashion designs. Use accessories that draw attention to your face.

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