Do you know the difference between a corset and a kimono or even a thong from a g-string? Most men and some women don’t know all of the facts, and many men would be too embarrassed to ask in a high street lingerie store. You should always be sure you have some idea of what you are looking for before you step foot over any lingerie store door way so use this guide to the different types of lingerie and use it well.
A chemise is like a combination of a short nightdress and a summer dress. It is usually made of very thin and flimsy material. A baby doll on the other hand is even shorter and while the top is usually wrapped tightly to the body, the bottom is slightly more like a dress although ends at the hip. A teddy is more like a one-piece bathing suit that wraps tightly to the body accentuating and promoting curves.
A bustier is a tight fitting top that helps to accentuate the breasts and usually has fastenings at the bottom so that they can be attached to stockings or garters. A corset is, if you like, a tighter and much stronger version of a bustier. It will accentuate breasts and slim the waist when done up tightly, which will also help to make the breasts appear even more voluptuous.


 A kimono is a robe designed for comfort although still makes the wearer appear incredibly sexy. Often, a kimono may be worn over another item of lingerie to provide cover or on its own. 
Shorts are just that; a very short pair of shorts that are usually made from lacy or silky material. Many men find these to look incredibly sexy on a woman and women love to wear them because they show off their legs and feel good to the skin. A G-string is literally just that. The back of the knickers consists of little more than a piece of material that is literally a string. A thong on the other hand has a little more substance to it although they are still skimpy compared to other briefs.


 As well as these different types of lingerie you will also need to select the material and color as well as the correct size. Lingerie isn’t just available in lace and satin, there are many different materials. Cotton is also another popular material and if your partner feels most comfortable in cotton then buy her a cotton set that will still look incredibly sexy and because she feels sexy and comfortable she’s bound to appreciate it. Color will be more of a personal choice and you should have a good idea of the type of color your partner would prefer. When it comes to size you need to consider how each item is worn and if you’re uncertain always aim for a slightly smaller size than you think it might be. The item can be exchanged and you will gain brownie points for the flattery.
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