There are several activities slated to take place this week that will affect the financial markets. Retailer Target Corp will announce its first-quarter results on Wednesday and it is expected to report a rise in their sales for Q1 while profit is also expected to go up, with an increase in consumer spending amidst stronger U.S economy the main reason behind the profits and increase in sales.

The retailer has been heavily investing over the past few months to improve its store and build a bigger online presence by focusing on its brand. The spending plans for the year for the Minneapolis -based company will be something investors will be watching out keenly for on Wednesday.

Before that though, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co will release its Q2 revenue on Tuesday and it is expected to decline with the company slowly shifting away from server business and giving more attention to the enterprise market.


The new home sales report for April will be released on Wednesday. For March, new home sales went up by 4%. Existing home sales for April will be released on Thursday while durable goods figures for April will also be released this week.

Department store operator Kohl’s Corp will release its earnings reports on Tuesday and it is expected to report an increase in its same-store sales while the revenue is also expected to rise. This boost in revenue and sales is due to some number of changes that the company has made to tackle the reduction in store traffic while also spending on technology and in-store investments to merge it’s online store and brick and mortar businesses.

The Fed President of Minneapolis Neel Kashkari will hold a question and answer session on Wednesday on “New Energy Economic Reality” at the Williston Basin Petroleum Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota. He isn’t the only Fed member that is slated to make an appearance this week as Fed President of New York President William Dudley will make a speech on Thursday on Reference Rate Reform; Improving the Culture of FICC Markets.” He will be making this speech at the Markets Forum 2018 organized by Bank of England in London. Still, on Thursday, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta President Raphael Bostic and Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas President Robert Kaplan will both give opening remarks at the “Technology-Enabled Disruption: Implications for Business, Labor Markets, and Monetary Policy” conference in Dallas that is organized by the Federal Reserve Banks of Dallas and Atlanta. Kaplan will also talk on Session I: The Disruption Challenge Facing Business.” “. On Friday, the trio of Raphael Bostic, Robert Kaplan and Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans will all talk at the Session VIII: Policymaker Panel” still at the Dallas conference.

Another company that will release its quarterly earnings on Tuesday is apparel retailer Urban Outfitters Inc. The company is expected to record growth in its Q1 sales and profit, which are both driven by strong sales in its namesake brand and Anthropologie. The company has witnessed a slump in sales previously but has gotten over that by diversifying across brands. Urban Outfitter Inc. has also launched plans that will see it build a large store that will bring in more customers by improving their overall shopping experience. Investors will be watching keenly for comments on store traffic and forecasts for this second quarter of the year.

On Thursday, apparel retailer Gap Inc. is expected to report an increase in revenue majorly driven by its cheaper Old Navy brand while store sales growth is expected to rise for the first quarter of the year. Investors in Wall Street will be watching to see if the company can maintain the impressive performance of its namesake brand from the Q4 of 2017.

Toll Brothers Inc., the luxury homebuilder will be reporting their Q2 reports for their fiscal year and revenue is expected to rise as the strong economy leads to more housing demand in the United States. However, labor and raw materials costs have been on the uptrend for homebuilders and an increase in mortgage rates have also made borrowing dearer for homeowners, investors have expressed concerns about a possible slowdown in the housing sector. This is why they will be looking out for comments on demand and order trend and what the financial forecasts for the company will be.

Lowe’s Companies Inc. will be amongst the companies to report its first-quarter earnings on Wednesday and it is expected to report an increase in Q1 revenue while a similar growth is expected in-store sales. The optimism surrounding the homebuilding market in the United States is the main driving force behind this growth. The current cold weather will affect its sales as households now suspend going out or delaying purchasing spring products. What analysts and investors will be more concerned about is an update from Lowe’s on its hunt for a new CEO.

Also on Wednesday, Tiffany & Co, the upscale jeweler will also report an increase inQ1 sales as it continues to put in more efforts to include cheaper silver jewelry into its business to price-conscious millennials is finally paying off. With a new CEO, the company has revealed that it is looking to invest more in the business that will see it sustain and possibly build on its newfound growth. The investment plans for this year will be what investors will be watching out for.

In the fourth-quarter of its financial year, luxury apparel maker Ralph Lauren Corp is expected to report an increase in its profits as the company continues to reduce inventories and sell more products at full price. The cold weather in April might have stopped some customers from shopping with them.

Medtronic Plc will report its Q4 profit on Thursday and it is expected to be higher than expected. This increase in profit is mostly due to an increase in demand for its heart devices and the launching of some new products. The company transcatheter heart valves, an important driver of growth will be the main focus of investors as well as Medtronic’s financial guidance for the new financial calendar.

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