Surprisingly enough, a “sugabrasion” is an effective remedy for acne prone skin. It whisks away old skin cells and unclogs pores. Here’s what to do:
-After cleaning face and rinsing completely cover face with soothing acidic oil – such as olive oil. 

 -Apply granulated sugar; the oil acts as a medium; holding it on the face, preventing the face from being scraped or scratched. 

-Gently roll the “sand” mixture across the skin; do not press, do not rub too briskly. Use small circular motions, not sweeping ones. Be careful not to press hard, or stretch the skin. 

-After sugar dissolves, about one minute, use warm water and a good cleanser to wash the solution away. Rinse at least a dozen of times to thoroughly remove alkaline residue.

Using this method to exfoliate your skin once in the morning and again in the evening is an effective remedy for acne because it “peels” away dead skin cells, and removes bacteria-attracting debris that clogs pores. It also speeds up new cell growth for younger looking skin; mature complexions look radiant and more youthful. This technique is safer than a chemical peel and less irritating to the skin than a deep skin peel. Visible benefits are immediately realized; dramatic results seen in about three weeks.

Variation 2

Another variation involves omitting the olive oil. Instead, dampen washcloth with warm water. Add a mild facial cleaning agent; I like Clean & Clear Foaming Facial Cleanser for Sensitive Skin. It is an inexpensive yet effective cleaner. 

 Add ˝ to ľ tablespoon sugar. Apply to damp face, using same circular method described above to exfoliate. Rinse well. Apply moisturizer of choice.Using a mild liquid facial cleanser instead of olive oil is quicker, because it omits the need to follow with a second application of cleaner. 

Other Benefits

Other benefits of this home-remedy exfoliating cleansing method are this: sugar is a natural substance, procedure is simple and inexpensive; sugar benefits the skin because it attracts moisture. Sugar granules are safer than (let’s say) granulated fruit pits, because they dissolve. 
Lastly, and most importantly, a sugabrasion really works!  It is one sweet remedy for acne prone skin, and adds a healthy glow to your complexion for younger looking skin.

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