Cartier, the powerhouse of French luxury products is a world famous brand when it comes to exquisitely designed timeless pieces of jewelry. One of the most renowned jewelry lines from Cartier is the Panther collection of women’s jewelry.

The Panther first made its debut in 1914 when Cartier released a wristwatch with panther spot motifs. The wristwatch had a round case set in polished platinum and was paved with onyx and rose-cut diamonds. From that moment up till late 1970s, Cartier only produced some pieces of the beautiful feline-inspired jewel.


In 1983, the Panther de Cartier wristwatch collection was officially launched, and the jewelry maker continued to release breathtaking jewels from the Panthere collection. Cartier stopped production of the Panthere collection in the 2000s to the disappointment of many lovers of its elegant and ferocious signature cat. The Panthere collection features some of the most delicately designed jewel pieces. From necklaces to rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches, High Jew, wristwatches and so on.


The Panthere collection is available in different metals/gems such as gold, silver, platinum, rhodium, lacquer, tsavorite, garnets, onyx, emerald and so on as well as various colors including yellow, diamond bezel, plain steel, gold, silver, rose gold, plain steel, and more. Pieces from the Panthere collection come with price tags ranging from about $2500 to $140,000 and higher.

The collection has a line dedicated to royalty and offers some of the best designs of the jewelry world. At the 100th anniversary of the Panthere collection, Cartier reintroduced the collection to the delight of fashion loving, upscale women all over the globe.

The Cartier Santos Collection.

The Santos collection of watches from Cartier is perhaps the most popular timepiece in the world. The Santos was Cartier’s first mass volume and more affordable men’s watch. In 1978,

French luxury jewelry maker Cartier decided to release a gold and silver variation of their men’s wristwatch to make it easier for more people to buy. The first release of the collection, the Santos Dumont made its appearance on the luxury brand market in 18k gold. But this was not the beginning of the Santos wristwatch. Back in 1904, Louis Cartier first created the Santos Dumont for his Brazilian friend, the aviator called Santos Dumont.


Over the years, the Santos has come to represent style, elegance, and ruggedness. The Santos features a sporty look and has screws on the bezel and along the bracelet. It also comes with classic Cartier white dial, blued baton hands, and Roman numerals. The watch has appeared in various designs including gold, silver, platinum, and steel. The new Santos collection sports a solid build with stainless steel, crown guards, and automatic movement, which made it a favorite timepiece for many fashion loving individuals. Different versions of the Santos have been released since its reintroduction in 1978..

Some of the favorite watches from the collection include the Santos Dumont that was released in 1978, the Santos Galbee Special Edition that was released in 2002, and the bigger Santos Galbee XL which was launched in 2005.

Its 39 years since the Santos collection had a rebirth, and it has continued to win the hearts of both young and old as a classic Cartier watch for men of honor and style. It feels comfortable and stylish on the wrist and gives the wearer unparalleled sophistication and confidence.


The Santos-Dumont Skeleton Watch is one of the stars of the current collection. This piece is with manual winding movement, in an XL size ADLC coated titanium case.

The price of this stunning luxury wristwatch is $45,300 excluded sales tax. 

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