Like many people I know, I used to have a semi-serious aversion to leather jackets. I’m not sure why really, I just grew up not liking the look of a leather jacket or the look of almost anyone that wore a leather jacket. All that changed recently, however, when I decided to get a motorcycle.


 As much as I had always hated the look of a leather jacket, I had still always wanted to get a motorcycle. It seems like a contradiction, and I guess it was. Anyway, the opportunity to buy a used motorcycle recently fell into my lap and I took up the offer. I knew that having a motorcyle would change a lot more than just the way I got to work. It took me only a few days of owning a motorcycle and a few conversations with friends to realize that I really did need a leather jacket for my new ride.
I needed a new leather jacket they said, not just because every motorcyclist should have one, but also because a leather jacket is the safest thing to wear in case of an accident. I got thinking about having an accident on my motorcycle and that was the only form of convincing I needed before I went out and began shopping for a leather jacket of my very own. I brought a couple of more experienced friends with me who gave me their opinions of where to find the right leather jacket and how to decide what style fit me best.


 I felt a little funny shopping for a leather jacket. I felt like one of the biker kids that I made fun of in high school was going to come in to the store and totally make fun of me for becoming one of them. I tried to put those thoughts behind me and just accomplish the task at hand: getting the perfect leather jacket. I must have tried on about twenty leather jackets and I carefully debated the details of each one. Decisions about purchases have never come easily for me, and buying a leather jacket was no exception.
Once I found the perfect leather jacket for my new style and my motorcycle riding needs, I got the opinions of a couple of friends for confirmation and then bought the leather jacket. I have owned my leather jacket for a few months now. I have worn it nearly every day whether I have needed it for a motorcycle ride or not. I never thought I’d become someone who really loves a leather jacket, but I fear I’ve fallen hopelessly into that category of people, and I love it.

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