The U.S stock market has been affected by several things since the beginning of the year such as interest rate hikes and the potential for more, talk of tariffs, NAFTA trades talks, trade wars between the country and China and so many others. All these have contributed to make the market more volatile than it used to be.


Despite all these, there are some stocks that have performed excellently since the start of the year and have the potential to outperform the market during the course of the year. We will look at the top 10 stocks currently in the U.S

Top 10 stocks in the U.S

1. Inc.

The world’s largest retailer has broadened its scope into other ventures such as streaming video and web services while also moving into the grocery world with the acquisition of Whole Foods. Despite the fact that the acquisition of Whole Foods led to the shares going down, the income coming in from the deal is now pulling back the shares of the company. Even the recent criticism by President Donald Trump led to the shares bleeding again but it has bounced back over the past few months to record impressive gains.


Back in November 2016, the charts of AMZN hit a resistance point at around $840 a share and dropped sharply afterward. The stock bounced back after that and has been on the rise since then. The shares are now selling at a solid $1430.79 per share, with a market cap of $682.867 Billion and an average trading volume of Average Volume: 6,219,990

2. UnitedHealth Group Incorporated

This company is one of the largest insurance companies in the States and its rise has been rather astronomical since the start of the year. The acquisition of Chilean health insurance company Banmedica in a massive $2.8 billion deal has further strengthened UnitedHealth Group with their shares currently in the green zone.

Stock market analyst Michael Wiederhorn believes that this company would record even further gains due to its strong position in terms of diversification, strong track record, elite management team and the exposure to a high level of growth business. The shares currently trade at $224.28 per share, with analysts expecting it to rise to $260 very soon, signaling a 14% increase in its stock price.

3. Lam Research Corporation

The stocks of semiconductor company Lam Research, LRCX has been on the rise for most of the year despite the downfall it experienced back in February, with analysts expecting the stock to record further gains before the end of the year. LRCX has a buyback rating of 12 over the last three months, there is an expectation that it will soar even higher by 30% from current levels in the next 12 months.

LRCX currently trades at $203.64 per dollar, and even though it is in the red zone, analysts are confident that the dividends paid to investors can rise to 0.60 per share from the current payout of $0.50.

4. MasTec Inc.

MasTec Digital, MHH, is a specialty contractor engineer that is primed for further growth this year and even beyond. The company which is known for working in sectors such as electric power infrastructure, oil and natural gas pipelines, renewable energy facilities and wireless networks is expected to rise even further by 31% before the end of the year. It has a buy rating of 10, with a hold rating of just one from Wall Street Analysts.

The recently released fourth-quarter results which saw the company gains of $7.1 billion, up over 40% in just three months. The MasTec stock currently trades at $12.10 per share and in the green section, with analyst Alex Rygiel expecting it to go up by an additional 44% before the end of the year.

5. Booking Holdings Inc.

Booking Holdings Inc. BKNG is an online traveling agency that used to go by the name Priceline Group. This company currently has a strong buy, with the shares trading at $2,085.86 per share.

The group has witnessed remarkable growth over the past few months and analysts expect it to go even higher during the course of the year.

Analyst Mark Mahaney has increased the price target of BKNG from $2,100 to $2,500, which represents a 21% upside potential.

6. Kratos Defense

Kratos Defense KTOS is one of the companies to make a flying start to 2018, with the defense contractor awarded an aerial drone contract worth $23 million just recently. Signs indicate that KTOS will keep up the impressive momentum for the rest of the year.

KTOS which currently trades at $10.86 per share is pegged by analysts to surge by 46% and reach $16 before the end of the year.

7. Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc.

This is a company that is known for given investors communications solutions in the financial sector, thus it processes information for parties involved in a transaction. The stock has been on the rise since November 2016 and has continued that trend since the beginning of 2018. The BR stock which is trading at $107.03 is close to its all-time high, with analysts of the view that it would grow bigger before the end of the year.

8. The Brink’s Company

Brink’s company BCO has done excellently to expand its portfolio beyond just moving cash around in armored trucks. The company now provides security systems, payment processing, cash management, guarding of airports and companies in virtually all sectors of the economy.

This diversification has led to the rise in the company’s stocks despite the recent dip in February. The stock has been recovering amidst slowly and is currently trading at $74.35 per share. Despite all that, analysts expect it to record further gains before the end of 2018.

9. KEMET Corporation

Kemet Corporation KEM, with its subsidiaries, has experienced an amazing year so far, with their stock trading in the green section and going up by nearly 27.2% over the past three months. The manufacturer and seller of passive electronic components have an expected growth for the current year at more than 100%, with its stock price trading at $18.87 per share.

10. OneMain Holdings, Inc.

OneMain which is a financial service holding company based in Indiana has witnessed a massive growth of 25.6% over the last three months. OMF stocks which are trading at $29.72 per share is expected to record earnings growth of 26.9% for the current year.


There are several companies that have seen their stocks experience growth so far this year, but the above-listed companies have been consistent in recording gains this year. In addition to that, analysts and market experts have pegged them to rise even further before the end of the year.

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