The Vision 6 Cabriolet stunned viewers at its premiere in the 2017 Monterey Car Week. German Auto giant Mercedes scored a big one with the Maybach as the Vision 6 featured an open roof. As far as concept cars go, the new Maybach 6 comes with the elegance and luxury reminiscent of the old days, when the company was still an independent luxury automaker.

While the car is meant to be a proof of concept, this copy makes it the second concept car, leading many to believe it will hit the roads in the future. Let’s have a closer look at the Maybach Vision 6 Cabriolet.


The Vision 6 measure six meters in length, just like its name. And for the first time, the car is featuring an open roof design. The Vision 6 sports a superbly sexy exterior, with the sleek six-meter body polished to the highest degree of luster. Most of the design is similar to the coupe version including the boat-tail design rearward, and an extended, arched engine hood.


The front comes with a prominent chrome grille featuring vertical slats with Maybach embossed at the top. A sporty bumper with massive side vents dominates the front. The headlamps on the Vision 6 comes with an innovative design of three individual LED lights similar to the coupe variant.


On the sides, the car sports chrome strips along the beltline, a feature that was popular in the early 20th century. The wheels on the Vision 6 have a conventional design with many chrome spokes.

At the rear, Mercedes continues with the design on the coupe, sporting a V-shaped boat-tail design which was very popular in many luxury automobiles in the 1930s.


The Vision 6 features a bespoke interior that will sweep anybody off their feet. The dashboard comes with an extensive wrap-around display that extends to the car’s doors and continues to the back of the seats. The dash becomes a beautiful display at night and baths the interior of the car with an emotionally appealing blue light. The steering wheels are simple but feature a chrome rim, and the instrument dials resemble airplane turbines and sports needle indicator hands resting on a digital display.


The Maybach Vision 6 comes with quilted Nappa leather, aluminum, and wood. The interior of the car looks like that of a yacht with the brilliant mix of wooden boards and aluminum. It comes with blue ambient lighting which contrasts the white upholstery to create an elegant look.

The car also comes with the latest in automobile accessories with touch-only controls, intelligent navigation, biometric sensors, and top-range safety features.


The Vision 6 has an all-electric drivetrain. The car is powered by a flat battery and four permanent magnet synchronous electric motors that deliver an incredible 550 kW or 737 horsepower.

According to Mercedes, the car can travel more than 500 kilometers on a single charge or over 200 miles. The vehicle features an all-wheel drive and can go up to 62 miles per hour within four seconds. The car has an electronically limited top speed of 155 mph or 250 kilometers per hour.


Mercedes also claims the car has an innovative quick-charge feature that allows charging capacity of about 350 kW. With just five minutes charge, the battery will get enough charge to travel up to 62 miles. The battery is chargeable with a wireless electromagnetic field, or through a cable at a domestic power outlet or public charging station.


The Maybach Vision 6 comes as a powerful car combining luxury and superior design. It features some of the most innovative designs and cutting-edge technology that will be the mainstay of the automobile industry in the future. But we don’t know whether the car will hit the roads soon, or will remain a concept car that will be sitting in a museum.

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